Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project 365 Week 29 & Week 30

No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to keep up! It is definitely crunch time for us. Tyler starts 5th grade on Thursday, and Logan starts 8th grade on Friday. Where has the summer gone? And-more importantly-when did my little boys get so big? In one short year, Tyler will be in middle school, and Logan will be in high school. And...E will be 2. That should keep me feeling young, right? Or maybe it will make me feel really old. Sigh...

Well, on with the pictures! There will be plenty since this covers the past 2 weeks.

Sunday: Seriously...it doesn't matter what time she wakes up in the morning. This is always how she greets you. It makes getting up at ungodly hours more bearable.

Monday: We had to make a run to Sam's, and E thoroughly enjoyed herself.

However, she was not enjoying her time with Ace later that day.

Tuesday: This cutie was refusing to eat off of her spoon, so this is how she ate her dinner.

Wednesday: It was Ed's birthday (and also his mom's!). The boys and I made him his favorite cake and decorated the table.

Nothing says love like a homemade cake!

This was one of his gifts. He loves Spartacus.

That night we met Drew and his family for dinner. This is Xander, Ed's grandson. He is so stinking cute! But, my favorite part of this picture is Aurora's photobomb!

Thursday: We finally went to the drive in! It was so much fun. It ran really later than I thought it would. The first movie didn't start until 9pm, and we didn't get home until 2:30am. But-it was worth it!

The boys loved hanging out in the back of the truck.

Friday: I am on the social committee for our HOA, and I was in charge of food for our community picnic. Logan was my happy helper this day. I think his shirt is fitting for this, don't you? I was seriously concerned it wouldn't all fit in the truck.

But, we got it all in!

Saturday: I think our community picnic was a hit! Our neighbors, Bill and Ann and their daughter Brianna, helped us out, and I was so grateful! We fed around 200 people.

We also had some vendors set up.

After a long day, frozen yogurt was in order for dinner! E definitely enjoyed the container more.

Sunday: Saturday night, a severe thunderstorm hit. It rained like CRAZY for maybe 20-25 minutes. The wind was blowing so hard. This was the deck the next morning. Chairs were thrown through the swing. I should add that those chairs usually sit on the other side of the deck and are IRON. The deck itself was broken, as well. The umbrella, which was wrapped under the table, was across the yard, and the rocking chairs on the front porch were in the yard.

The worst part is that the basement flooded. AGAIN. The storm happened so fast, and we were trying to put my car in the garage, and by the time we went to check the basement, it was already gushing through the window. The window well itself had about 8 inches of water in it. We went through every towel in the house, but it was of no use. (And, insurance doesn't cover damage from "standing water" damage.) Everything has already been dried out, drywall has been replaced, and we're just waiting on the carpet to be restretched. This is the 4th time the basement has flooded (twice from this window well). Definitely frustrating!

Monday: While the basement was being fixed, we headed to Glenwood Springs for our last summer hurrah! I took these picture as we drove through Glenwood Canyon.

So pretty!

Tuesday: We went to check out Doc Holliday's grave, Turns out they really don't know exactly where he's buried, but they suspect in the pauper part of the cemetery. 

It was a 1/2 mile hike up. I got the task of carrying this little girl.

Where he died used to be a hotel, but now it's a store.

Later that day, we went to the hot springs pool. E really did like it.

Wednesday: How cute are these two? They were exhausted!

But, I took them to the Adventure Park anyways! We had to take a cable car just to get to it.

Such a great view!

They had a blast in this maze.

And Tyler tried rock climbing.

I had to drag him on to the Alpine Slide. It was SO MUCH FUN. Tyler ended up LOVING it. This was the view from the bottom after we were done. We had to be pulled back up to the top.

We had a great time!

Isn't this view amazing? This was taken outside of the cave tour we went on.

And-of course-we went back to the pool that night. The boys were showing off their handstand skills.

Love these boys!

And this girl. Even though it was 3 hours past her bedtime, and she was eating Cheez-Its on my side of the bed.

Thursday: Seriously- I can't leave these 3 alone for a single minute before they're doing something naughty.

Friday: I think she was a little excited about riding in the cart at Kohl's.

Saturday: So, I technically bought these on Tuesday, but I took this picture for Facebook on Saturday.

Phew! That was long! Too bad summer wasn't...

Have a blessed (rest of your) week!

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